Grünenthal Foundation for supporting thalidomide affected people makes it possible in individual cases to provide financial assistance

The Grünenthal Foundation provides financial assistance for thalidomide affected people in acute emergency situations. This assistance is aimed primarily at those who are affected by a thalidomide-containing product from Grünenthal and who suffer from very serious injuries.

The Grünenthal Foundation supports individual thalidomide affected people by assuming the costs for individual benefits in kind, focusing on mobility and adaptions in the living environment associated with the disability that are not paid for by social security funds (health insurance companies, social services department, etc.).

Those people interested in this support must be recognized by the Thalidomide Foundation For Disabled People or an institution with similar criteria for recognition.

This initiative is part of Grünenthal’s efforts to improve the living conditions of those affected on an appropriate and sustainable basis. In addition to this initiative, Grünenthal would like to implement projects together with thalidomide-affected people. For this, we strive to engage in continuous dialogue with representatives of those affected.

Form for the application of benefits from the Grünenthal Foundation for supporting thalidomide affected individuals: