Financial settlements to the families affected by thalidomide and the establishment of the Contergan Foundation

Approximately ten years after the tragedy and more than two and a half years after a criminal case started without being close to an end, Grünenthal and the representatives of the families affected agreed that a solution had to be found to determine how financial support could be provided. In 1970, as part of a civil law based settlement, Grünenthal agreed to provide 100 million DM to those affected by thalidomide-containing products marketed by Grünenthal. This settlement was widely supported by the parents of the affected children as well as the general public.

Finally, a federal foundation was founded in 1972. The "Contergan Foundation”  is a foundation under German public law with full legal personality. As part of the establishment of this foundation, Grünenthal - with the approval of a large proportion of the parents of affected children - paid 100 million DM agreed in the civil law settlement of 1970 into the Contergan Foundation. The German Government also provided 100 million DM. In 2009, Grünenthal contributed an additional 50 million Euros voluntarily to the Contergan Foundation.

Today, the Contergan Foundation continues to provide financial support to affected people in 38 countries.

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