Our position regarding the current discussion in the European Parliament

Our position is clear: There is an established financial support system for people affected by Thalidomide throughout Europe.

The Contergan Foundation*, in which Grünenthal has paid more than 100 million Euros, supports affected individuals in 38 countries with monthly individual payments between 719 € and 8,117 € including those affected in Spain, provided that their mothers took a Thalidomide-containing product from Grünenthal or its local distributor. In countries where licensees of Grünenthal or its local distributor tested, produced and marketed Thalidomide-containing products, these companies support those affected, as is the case in the UK and Sweden. In Italy and partially also in Spain, different companies independent from Grünenthal produced and distributed Thalidomide-containing products. With regards to these products public authorities ensure the financial support of individuals affected by Thalidomide.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Tom Hermes (tom.hermes@grunenthal-stiftung.com).

*The Contergan Foundation is a foundation controlled by the German government and independent of Grünenthal.