Our ethical attitude

The thalidomide tragedy is now, and always will be, part of Grünenthal's company history. Grünenthal and its family shareholders greatly regret the consequences of the thalidomide tragedy. It is a matter of moral importance to Grünenthal to be actively involved in charitable efforts to improve the situation of thalidomide-affected people on a sustainable basis. We seek to work together with those affected by thalidomide to devise projects for the provision of specific needs-based support.


German federal parliament strengthens legal certainty for Thalidomide-affected people

The German federal parliament adopted an amendment to the Contergan Foundation Act on 19 June 2020, whereby benefits to thalidomide victims, once granted, cannot be revoked. This includes the thalidomide pension, which is paid by the Contergan Foundation. Only in special cases, such as deliberate deception, is it possible to withdraw benefits.


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Cause for malformations found

After more than 60 years, researchers at the renowned Dana-Faber Cancer Institute in Boston have succeeded in identifying the causes of thalidomide-induced malformations.

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