Welcome to the Grünenthal Foundation

The Grünenthal Foundation runs support projects for people affected by a thalidomide-containing product from Grünenthal or its licensees in order to improve their individual life situations in a permanent and un-bureaucratic manner.

The Grünenthal Foundation in dialogue

Only thanks to continuous dialogue with those affected we are able to understand the individual needs of thalidomide-affected people and learn where and in what form support is actually needed.

Individual support to cover specific needs

In addition to other extensive projects, the Grünenthal Foundation also supports thalidomide affected people by providing benefits in kind. The focus here is on measures related to mobility and changes to the living environment.

Local projects

Thalidomide-affected individuals have many diverse needs. We are always ready to help where our support is requested and needed. Here is a small overview of the projects that we have completed.