Welcome to the Grünenthal Foundation – providing support for thalidomide-affected people

The Grünenthal Foundation runs support projects for people affected by a thalidomide-containing product from Grünenthal or its licensees in order to improve their individual life situations in a permanent and un-bureaucratic manner.

The Grünenthal Foundation was founded in 2012 and integrated the Grünenthal hardship initiative which had already existed since 2011. The goal of the Foundation is to permanently improve the life situation of thalidomide-affected individuals. We support people around the world as long as the person in question is recognised by the Contergan Foundation or certain other institutions such as the UK Thalidomide Trust which use comparable criteria in the recognition of injury caused by thalidomide.

Continuous dialogue with those affected and their representatives is important to us to ensure that we can provide support where it is most urgently needed.

Please feel free to get in touch with us.

Grünenthal-Stiftung zur Unterstützung von Thalidomidbetroffenen