Individual support to cover specific needs

In addition to other extensive projects, the Grünenthal Foundation also supports thalidomide affected people by providing benefits in kind. The focus here is on measures related to mobility and changes to the living environment.

Support programmes

In cases of a specific need in which no alternative funding is available, those affected by thalidomide can apply for support to fund non-cash benefits, e.g. adaptations of houses or modification of cars. The fast and unbureaucratic support is provided to thalidomide-affected people in cases in which no other institutions (for example health insurance companies, nursing care insurance or the Thalidomide Trust / the Conterganstiftung) cover the costs. Since the initiative was started, the Foundation has given support in more than 1.000 cases.


o receive this support, you must be recognised by the Thalidomide Trust / the Conterganstiftung or by another national institution that uses identical criteria.

You can find further information and the form to apply for support here: